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About Ari

Ari Teman is an award-winning comedian performing on TV and in A-list clubs and theaters around the world. He's joked at The White House, Israel's National Theater HaBima, The NYPL Grand Ballroom, the Iron Dome IDF base, for Ambassadors, major organizations, conferences, and companies. 

Ari is also the CEO and founder of Friend or Fraud™ which Visa Europe named one of the top six cybersecurity startups in Israel. He leads a team of elite engineers and innovators in Tel Aviv, the USA, and around the world.

He's been seen on: BBC with Stephen Fry, NBC's Today Show, Howard 101, Opie & Anthony, CBS, ABC, FOX, PIX, Fusion, Australia's Studio 10, Israel's Channel 10, and more, and written about in: New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Time Magazine, Inc Magazine, NY Post, Time Out NY, Inc Magazine, Fortune, BuzzFeed, Gawker, Jerusalem Post, Jewish Week, Israel HaYom, i24, and more.

Ari founded 12gurus:Health™ and 12gurus:Charity™, featured by TED as "Best of the Web", with bestselling authors, founders, and innovators giving game changing talks, and a live audience of thousands of leaders and innovators and an online audience of over a million more. The conferences experienced over 110% yearly growth and attracted major partners and sponsors.

Ari is the creator of GatherGrid™, which CenterNetworks called "the most useful interface I've seen to-date", and Inc Magazine recommended. Built in three Sundays with Notepad, years later, it's outlived most competition.

Ari founded JCorps International -- a 7 city nondenominational, nonreligious "social volunteering™" network for Jewish young adults with thousands of members from over 180 schools, 800 companies, and 20 countries. He is credited as the creator of "Social Volunteering™" by The Jewish Week which named him "36 under 36". He was named by the JFNA as the "North American Jewish Community Hero" in 2009, and invited as an official guest of the White House, and Mayor Bloomberg.

Ari was a "Dot Com kid", coding early intranets for Morgan Stanley and Sanford Bernstein at ages 15-17. He has since consulted to, spoken, and advised major corporations, foundations, political organizations, and celebrities. He is a patent-holding inventor and award-winning designer.

Together with Elliot Glassman, Ari created FutureNYC -- a plan for NYC with automated cars, giving the roads back to humans -- turning parking and traffic lanes into parks and promenades -- while speeding up travel and making the city cleaner, quieter, and more accessible.

He's also the host of TRNDNGNEWS and writer of 6 Months with Brian Williams, Effective Gratitude, and Statustopia.

He currently lives in Tel Aviv and New York City (You can see him on stage every week whether in TLV or NYC). He enjoys road cycling, painting, sculpture,  and automotive design.

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