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Introducing FutureNYC

Returning the city to humans, with robots
September 25, 2015

Cities should be pleasant environments for people to live and work, but NYC is often overtaken by taxis, cars, trucks, vans, and buses. The vehicles cause traffic jams, create noise, and spew pollution. Traffic accidents have even caused NYC to launch the “Vision Zero” campaign to improve intersections and lower pedestrian deaths.

Frustrated sitting in a taxi and not moving I reached-out to my super-talented friend, Elliot Glassman (Harvard GSD LEED architect and sustainability expert) and we rendered FutureNYC: what NYC can become when autonomous cars enable us to replace parking and traffic with parks, promenades, playgrounds, event halls, theater spaces, and cafes.

The FutureNYC Project will make the city more livable by:

  • Reducing traffic in the city and speeding up travel 

  • Creating safer intersections for pedestrians and cyclists 

  • Reclaiming space previously dedicated to cars for pedestrians, cyclists, parks, playgrounds and cafes 

  • Improving the environment by cleaning the air, providing shade, and capturing stormwater

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Ari Teman

Ari Teman

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