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Introducing GateGuard

Artificial Intelligence robot "Concierge Doorman" from Friend or Fraud
October 29, 2016

This week we at Friend or Fraud and SubletSpy unveiled GateGuard, an Artificial Intelligence "concierge doorman" entry panel with facial recognition, to add securit and amenities to rental and office buildings. 

It was featured in The Real Deal (GateGuard in The Real Deal) on Thursday, and has pre-orders from some of NYC's top landlords and management companies. We expect to install in 100 buildings in about 90 days.

Tenants will be able to remotely unlock doors for guests, gain package tracking, pickup and delivery, and order laundry, cleaning, and other luxury services. More services are being added as we speak!

Landlords will be able rent units for more, and more quickly, with these amenities, and will also be able to catch and evict illegal sublets, businesses, and non-primaries

As The Real Deal noted, "GateGuard is notably cheaper than most virtual doormen or voice intercom systems."

This is a powerful tool for increasing the value and performance of rentals and office properties, and we've put it at a price that makes it a no-brainer. 

Check it out at

Ari Teman

Ari Teman

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